Dear Brethren:

As you know we are in a battle with two none Widows Sons regarding an Trademark Infringement law suit. There are three identities that we recognize as legal owners of the three patches.

The Alliance Widows Sons MRA, Inc which is a 501 c 3 nonprofit corporation according to the New York State Department and the IRS. We own the Trademark of the Winged or Modern Patch and no one else.

The Grand Chapter of Florida owns the Widows Patch which was created by our founder Army Nuez in Florida which is now owned by the Grand Chapter.

The European Patch which was approved by Army in the United Kingdom and supported by both USA patch owners.

The money collected is strictly used for legal defense and protection of our patch regardless if you are a member or not. We hope that all members of the Widows Sons who wear our patches will contribute so it does not end up in the wrong hands.

Please contact our Treasurer Brother Bob Rathbun at Please reach out to him regarding what you would like to donate to help offset our cost.

Make checks out to the Alliance Widows Sons Worldwide MRA, Inc.

Brother Bob Rathbun
5308 MacChonanchy St.
Virginia Beach, VA 24364-8115

Do not send money through Paypal as it cost us 6% and we can do this on our own.

We wear it on our back and it represents our Brotherhood! Now is the time to defend it!