• It is the pledge of the membership to support the welfare and general well-being of the Alliance Widows Sons Worldwide MRA.
  • It is the pledge of the membership to obey, without reservation, all laws, edicts and orders imposed on them by their respective jurisdictional leadership.
  • It is the pledge of each member to conduct himself or his business, when wearing the Widows Sons logo, in direct accordance to the bylaws and constitution of his respective Alliances Widows Sons Worldwide MRA  jurisdiction.
  • It is the pledge of the President and Officers to enhance the welfare and general well-being of the Alliance Widows Sons Worldwide MRA.
  • It is the pledge of the President and his Officers to guide the organization with regularity, and to base all decisions on the betterment or improvement of the Alliance Widows Sons Worldwide MRA.


The Widows Sons is an independent and sovereign body of Master Masons in the jurisdiction of their respective governing Widows Sons Body.  No Body or Individual other than the Alliance speaks for the Alliance Widows Sons Worldwide MRA.

In particular, the Alliance disavows and repudiates any and all statements, presentations (to include emails and websites), produced by any person or entity not authorized or recognized by the Widows Sons MRA Alliance Council. We recognize that Armando “Army” Neuz is the original found of the Widows Sons out of Orlando, Florida where he setup their state chapter which was followed by many other chapters throughout Florida.  Illinois later was established when they combine their efforts followed by Connecticut and many others.

This action is deemed necessary to establish the sovereignty of the Widows Sons within all jurisdictions from any and all outside regulatory influence. The Alliance also disavows and repudiates any claims to have power or control in any member jurisdiction.  The Alliance exists as a means to communicate with, inform, and support the governing bodies of its member jurisdictions.

It will NEVER dictate terms or orders to any member or their  jurisdictions.

Application Process

Simple an email the membership application to our President or Secretary that you wish to start a Grand Chapter in your Country or State.  If a Grand Chapter is already established then visit our Chapters map and contact that Country or State to join the established Grand Chapter.

You must agree to follow our Bylaws before becoming a full Member as it helps to ride in peace and harmony.

Article 3:  Grand Chapter Membership

Section 1

This organization shall be composed of Presidents and Representatives under the jurisdiction of their Widows Sons Ruling Body.

Section 2

Each member of this organization shall have equal rights and privileges in connection with attending meetings and the participation in the deliberations of such meetings.

Each jurisdiction shall have two (2) delegates, which shall attend two (2) stated meetings per year of The Widows Sons Alliance Council.